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Author:  From:  Date:2013-4-8

The first judgment on a claim by smoking Newport Cigarettes issued by the High Court has left a sour taste to the complainant, a cancer of the larynx of 75 who claimed 300,000 euros to the State for damages because monopoly Tabacalera was his until 1998. The recognition that the snuff can cause cancer consequences constitutes legal progress in the consideration of consumption as a clear risk factor for health. But next to it, the court rejects any liability attributed to the Ministry of Finance to consider the decision to smoke was "an act very free." The plaintiff's action, although it referred to a period so remote as that of adolescence, when he started in the consumption of cigarettes, highlights the contradictions of government to protect the tobacco industry while warning of the harmful of snuff. But this fact can not download in any personal responsibility contracts towards his own health every citizen who chooses to smoke.

A piece of hashish seized

Local policemen Santander on Wednesday identified a man whose initials correspond to RG, who in the course of an intervention at La Gloria (20.10 hours) he was involved a piece of hashish and two cigarettes.

Imperial Tobacco raises prices

The British tobacco Imperial Tobacco gained between five and 20 cents to the price of the packs of its main brands of cigarettes a day before the deadline for acceptance of the tender offer (IPO) made for Altadis. Thus, packets of West rise 20 cents, to 2.30 euros.

Be deleted one in eight jobs in Spain

A "bleeding". So emphatic was Cheap Newport Cigarettes Wholesale the assessment of the unions on the restructuring plan announced yesterday by Imperial Tobacco in the 'fine print' of his last bid for Altadis (whose acquisition completed on Jan. 25) and warned that "not rule out the possibility of future changes in the number of employees and executives of the group. "This statement was interpreted by many as a clear 'notice to mariners', but from the British multinational avoided specify either end and even told the council in mid-December in the process of acquisition, had not planned layoffs.

However, France and Spain are the most suffer the costs of integrating the two cigar emporiums (who created the world's fourth largest), as in the neighboring republic 1890 jobs will be amortized and will close two plants: For of the peninsula, the factory closes Alicante, a 'blow' to its 338 employees, also will be a partial adjustment facilities and Palazuelo Cádiz (Cáceres), affecting 258 workers, while another 310 will have to qualify retirement incentive. The only relief for Altadis Spanish workforce (about 6,700 troops) is that it boosts production at its plants in Logroño (cigarettes) and Cantabria (cigars).